Fusion Pilates in Arlington VA

“I embrace high standards, and for that very reason I have incorporated Jennifer’s Fusion Pilates for Pre and Post Natal as an elective for Professionals throughout the year and during my Teacher Training courses. The feedback and enthusiasm from the students and the demand for a year round schedule speaks for itself…”

Marie-José Blom-LawrenceLong Beach Dance Conditioning Master Pilates Trainer, Studio Owner Marina del Rey, CA

“The Fusion Pilates for Pre & Post Natal was an unforgettable event for the Japanese community. She is not only a wonderful teacher, but a wonderful person with high spirit. Her deep understanding and knowledge about pregnancy helps fitness instructors from different backgrounds open their minds to these exercise modalities…”

Akemi Inoue
Studio Natural Flow Gyrotonic® Master Trainer, Studio Director / Owner Tokyo, Japan

“Thank you for presenting your course. It’s important to be pioneers in this domain. I have feedback from the participants that they got information that no one can find anywhere else and they’ve been astonished at Jen’s mastery in this area of knowledge and practice skills.”

Valeriy Chistyakov
MFitness Purchasing Department Leader Moscow, Russia

“The information regarding the pelvic floor and its anatomy that was taught in this course has been incredibly valuable for my teaching. It goes beyond just my pregnant or post pregnant clients. It has given me insight and understanding on how to approach post op, aging and other special populations…”

Sheri Katz 
Schlobohm_Pilates, Gyrotonic® & Yoga Instructor Los Angeles, CA

“The Fusion Pre & Post Natal course is wonderful; her training is extensive and practical. It compliments Marie-Jose’s work beautifully and is a must for any teacher who is working with pregnant clients.”

Adrienne Dalsemer
Pilates Instructor, Certified Doula & Birth Coach

First let me tell you what a wonderful experience this past weekend was for me! I came away with so much that I can not only apply to myself and pregnant clients, but also all of my other clients. Thank you!

Sydney Craig
Teacher Training Student

Would you like to host a Fusion Pre & Post Natal Teacher Training Course at your studio?  Find Out How.

Fusion Pilates Pre & Post Natal Reformer & Mat Specialist Training

Nurture, release, and fortify your client’s body before and after birth.


PLEASE NOTE: This special 2 day course covers Mat & Reformer only. Other Apparatus will not be covered.

  • 12 PMA CECs

    This Fusion Pre & Post Natal Specialist training program is the preeminent resource for cutting edge techniques designed to teach you to take your client from the first stage of pregnancy all the way through their postnatal recovery.

    The Pilates method, conceptually and physically, is the cornerstone of the training. Our program, however, is interdisciplinary and we use a number of ancient and modern techniques that inform the work including:

    • the centuries old Rebozo labor support
    • in depth study of the pelvic floor,
    • ancient practices involving footwork and floor postures
    • current science on the mind/body connection
    • groundbreaking fascial research.

    Our program will prepare the fitness professional to guide their pregnant client through their 9 months of pregnancy with information and actual sample movement lesson plans on what works for each stage and the pitfalls you might encounter. These are designed to be effective, safe, and to keep your client feeling good and easy in her constantly evolving body. The focus is to prepare the body for labor, delivery, and the healing process that immediately follows. The lesson plans will also include important information and techniques that you can give as homework in those tender weeks after birth when your client will be unable to come to you. We even provide you with handout sheets that you can give to your clients to take with them at every stage to help them retain the lessons you are teaching in the studio.

    We will also prepare you to nurture your postnatal client back to full balance and health. This stage is one of the most life changing and tender times in a woman’s life and can last for years. This recovery requires the Pilates instructor to be attuned to a myriad of possibilities and changes that might occur on both the physical, mental, and emotional level.

    We  insure that you are knowledgeable and comfortable with the complicated protocol for preventing and healing many dysfunctions that occur after delivery.We also give you online access to stay in touch with your classmates and to get any and all questions answered by your instructor.

    The well trained Pilates Pre & Postnatal coach can be incredibly valuable for our clients in this special population. We not only have the ability to teach these women how to move better through each stage, but we also hold powerful information and techniques that they are not being given in mainstream medical care. We can give them insight into their anatomy and how the change is impacting them at every level . The body is self healing at every phase of life but even more so in the pre and postnatal stage. Our bodies were made to give birth and recover. We can teach our clients to tap into and to embrace this ability. We also can educate our clients about simple breathing, release, and self care techniques that will tip the scales from a painful to a pain free, zest for life body. These are powerful gifts to give to our clients that will actually change lives.

  • Our full 26 hour certification program is geared towards the comprehensively trained teacher OR the teacher that is working towards their certificate. This can be in the field of Pilates, Yoga or any other movement discipline.

    The program includes 12 hours of live coursework, 2 hours of online coursework, and over 10 hours of optional support coursework.

    Live Coursework Includes:
    • The Pelvic Network
    • Prenatal mat and reformer work
    • Postnatal mat and reformer work
    • Healing after Birth: Incontinence, Prolapse, Diastasis of the Rectus and Pubic Symphysis and C section recovery
    Online Support Coursework Includes:
    • Pre/Postnatal Reformer Protocol (Included)
    • Unlimited Mentoring / Q&A in our Online Forum
    Optional Online Coursework Includes:
    • Whole System Fix : Postnatal Care Workshop
    • Fascial Tensioning & Lengthening in Pregnancy Workshop
    • Fusion Pre & Post Natal Matwork (examples of exercises)
    • Fusion Pre & Post Natal Stability Ball Work (examples of exercises)

  • 12 PMA CECs

    • Program Intentions and Principles
    • Anatomy and Physiology of the Pre and Postnatal client.
    • Changes and Precautions during the 3 trimesters of pregnancy
    • Changes and precautions during the 4th trimester ( early post) and beyond
    • Posture Focus lecture
    • Pelvic Network lecture
    • Healing After Birth lecture


    • Breathing and Relaxation exercises for all 4 trimesters.
    • Movement protocol for all 4 trimesters with modifications and variations on Mat and Reformer. All sequences supported with detailed handouts for easy reference after the course.
    • Pelvic Network exercise sequences. All supported with detailed handouts for easy reference after the course.
    • Healing After Birth: Practical Movement and Release applications for Incontinence, Prolapse, Diastasis of the Rectus and Pubic Symphysis and C section recovery. All sequences are supported with Online Support and detailed handouts for easy reference after the course.

    • MUST READ The Female Pelvis Anatomy & Exercises by Blandine Calais-German before the first day of class. (Available at amazon.com)
    • Bring a pillow to class to use as a pregnant belly

    • Registration closes two weeks prior to course.  There is a $50 late registration fee for anyone who registers after two weeks prior to the course.  PLEASE sign up now to secure your spot and to ensure the course isn’t canceled due to lack of interest.  We are unable to guarantee manuals for late registrations.
    • See the registration form for full policies.