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Pilates Climacteric™: Movement and Menopause


The transition into Menopause is a time of reevaluation, reorganization and reestablishing on emotional, spiritual, and physical fronts.  It’s a time that provides a valuable opportunity to reconcile unfinished business with the soul, mind, and body.  The fact that our emotional and physical selves are intertwined becomes crystal clear during Menopause and it is crucial for us as wellness practitioners to help our clients learn to create balance and peace within their bodies and minds with a conscious use of breath and movement. menopauseWith our Pilates based movement we can:

  • Create Pelvic Health and balance including preventing and reversing prolapse and urinary incontinence
  • Create a calmer nervous system and create better and more regular sleep
  • Create strong bones and a solid sense of spherical awareness to slow down and stop the effects of osteoporosis.
  • Create and maintain breast health
  • Create better drainage of lymph and circulation throughout the body
  • Combat Fuzzy Thinking and Depression

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