Untold numbers of women, men and children have a disconnect of tissue synchronization at the Abdominal wall which at its most severe will include a Diastasis Rectus Abdominis. Even though the research in this area is small, we all know that a integrated Ab wall is essential for musculoskeletal, urogenital and pelvic organ support and health.The research does show more than half of adult women have lumbo pelvic floor and hip  dysfunctions such as loss of bladder control, bowel pain, pubic symphysis pain and prolapse. Most of these dysfunctions include a Diastasis Rectus Abdominis, which is the tell tale sign of fascial loosening in the core cylinder.

Put your foundational Pilates skills and biomechanics knowledge to work to learn simple and effective strategies to prevent and heal Diastasis and dysfunctions that go along with the unraveling of our connective tissue.

The information in this workshop is based on the teachings and work of Diane Lee. Lee is the world’s expert on Pelvic Pain and DRA. Jennifer travels yearly to Vancouver to study with Diane and learn the latest in the scientific break throughs and the correct clinical applications for clients with DRA.

Learn creative and cutting edge sequences for healing and advancing the DRA client and strategies on how to best work in conjunction with doctors and physical therapistCOURSE OBJECTIVES

  • To teach participants what a DRA is, how it occurs and what it means for full body health.
  •  To teach the basics of central core anatomy both the individual parts, the fascial connections and how they work synergistically together.
  •  To help instructors understand how to train and then strengthen the Core Corset.
  • To teach simple techniques and sequences on the Mat to progress a client with fascial loosening towards fascial tensioning.
  • To teach simple techniques and sequences on the reformer to progress a client with fascial loosening towards fascial tensioning. Great emphasis will be put on how the spring helps us in this endeavor.

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