Practical Release



As any good teacher knows, the intent of the Pilates repertoire is not to get to the most advanced movement form quickly, but to truly embody every single phase of the exercise with ease, grace, and agility. This can only occur when time and effort has been placed in priming the body for movement, and focus is continually placed on the skills behind the work. Release work is the first step in helping your clients into successful core training within the Pilates repertoire. In this workshop you will learn how and why various tightness in the body directly lead to compensatory patterning that leaves the body weak, unstable, and vulnerable to injury. You will learn to help your clients break through their typical fitness routine and discover the depth of their strength via increased joint range of motion and   kinesthetic accuracy.   The simple and easy techniques that you will learn will aid your clients into a more homeostatic baseline and create the step by step process for true change in all of your client’s bodies, ranging from your most advanced athlete, to your therapeutic clientele.   This type of tiered approach is what takes your clients from simple shape making in the repertoire, to truly embodying every moment in the movement with complete command and precision.


  • Cutting edge information of the fascial and neutral networks
  • How to release trauma from the body
  • In depth look into compensatory body patterns
  • Injury Prevention
  • Release Work points and problem solving
  •  Mat and Reformer Release techniques with balls, foam rollers and sensory vibration stimulation

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