Pelvic Health & Vitality

  • Course is 2 days in English / 3 if a translator is needed
  • 14 Hours Domestic / 21 Hours with Translator
  • No PMA CECs offered at this time


In this workshop you will take an extensive look at the female pelvis in all stages of life: Puberty, young adulthood, pregnancy, post pregnancy and in Menopause. In this training we will combine evidence-based science and medical standards of practice with holistic, natural and alternative methods to offer numerous tools to our varied clients at all stages of their lives. Anatomy, function, dysfunction and physiology will all be discussed. How the pelvis informs the legs and spine at every stage will also be looked at in detail. Students will be taught how to design  balanced and individual exercise sequences to support the client and the health of her pelvis at every life stage.

There are no events currently scheduled. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a training in your studio.