The Lower Extremities

  • Course is 2 days in English / 3 if a translator is needed
  • 14 Hours Domestic / 21 Hours with Translator
  • No PMA CECs offered at this time


What animates humans to move, behave, and react to their environment is a multi faceted, multi layered construct that each person approaches in their own unique manner. The Pilates Studio is the perfect place to set the microscope to observe how people communicate with themselves and the world at large through movement. And the movement we practice the most in the world is walking and for the most part we do it unconsciously until pain or injury sets in. If this innate ability is impaired, our strong exploratory spirit can become stifled, and our wanderlust for the world at large cut off.. Much like the patterning of our DNA, the helical template for our ground movement dynamic is at the foundation of our essential makeup.Ideally walking should be an activity that primes, tunes and nurtures our system. Without this essential human movement the body cannot survive.

In this 2 day workshop we will explore how the foot, ankle, leg, pelvis, spine and ribcage creates the full body spiral that propels us forward with every step. Time will be spent on the anatomy of each of these parts and how they all talk to each other to keep the energy engine of the body working and moving well. Targeted exercises to practice in and out of the studio will be taught to help prevent break down and to rehab from misuse and injury. Come  re learn the basic, birth right  movement  of locomotion that the modern human has forgotten. Your body and your clients body will thank you.


  • Learn effective diagnostic observation skills and exercises to assess clients.
  • Learn the mechanics of Gait and how to create easy ways to help your clients create a better normal when moving through life.
  • Create a better understanding of Gait in special populations like pregnancy, post partum and hip and knee replacement clients.
  • Learn essential counter rotation exercises to maximize the ability and ease of Gait.
  • Learn essential side body balancing and strengthening exercises to maximize the ability and ease of Gait.
  • Anatomy and specific exercises for the pelvis, psoas, femur, knee, lower leg and feet and how they relate to each other and Gait will be covered in detail.

There are no events currently scheduled. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a training in your studio.