The Kindness Method

A Conscious Approach to the Art of Living and Teaching

A weekend self care exploration with Jennifer Gianni


Are you beyond depleted after a day of teaching clients? Are there days when you dread going into work? Are there days when you leave work confused, disappointed, with self doubt and judgement?

The Pilates professional is one of the most highly skilled movement teachers. We have taken all the courses, read all the books, spent thousands of dollars on CECs, and still feel deficient as  teachers. The one thing we haven’t been taught is the self-care involved in sustaining the life and work of someone who has dedicated themselves to the service of others. It is no surprise that we can become depleted and disenchanted.

The Kindness Method helps to bring consciousness to why we behave the way we do. And from that place of knowing, we can alter our choices to cultivate more creativity and freedom in our teaching, and being.This is the Life Coach Training of the Pilates Instructor. With these tools you will be able to be impactful and make changes that actually create longevity and sustainability in you, and your clients. We are committed to making sure that each of you acquire the tools and the knowledge to stay full, passionate, and aware both personally and professionally.


  • Understanding what makes you, YOU , outside of societal, familial, and career pressures.
  • Examining your self care routine, as well as your inner saboteur that defeats those efforts
  • Looking at the teacher you think you SHOULD be, versus the teacher you already ARE
  • Building unique at home strategies of support, to carry on the work beyond the weekend.
  • Increase your inner resilience and knowledge of what you want, and how to get there.


  • Specialized Questionnaires that highlight the areas in your life that need attention.
  • Receive your Inner-Work Book : A comprehensive guide and journal that not only takes you through the weekend, but continues the journey of the ongoing quest towards conscious living.
  • Individualized mentoring and strategies to meet each person’s unique circumstances. This means you will leave the weekend with practices that are meant just for you.
  • In depth discussion and problem solving for your teaching pitfalls.
  • Continued support via a private internet forum.

Join Jennifer and be a part of a burgeoning trend towards gentleness, kindness and compassion in teaching. Let’s all work together in re framing the definition of health and fitness and what it means to master your movement.

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