Flossing the Fascia on the Mat, Reformer & Cadillac

  • Course is 3 days in English / 4 if a translator is needed
  • 21 Hours Domestic / 28 Hours with Translator
  • No PMA CECs offered at this time


Pilates is a brilliant way to create and keep a healthy, sustaining and resilient fascial system. In the 3 day Flossing the Fascia workshop learn how to use both traditional and contemporary Pilates small prop, mat and apparatus work to develop health and glide within our three dimensional neuromyofascial web.

An emphasis on core ability, centering and breath will be threaded throughout the 3 days and shown to be increased when our focus is the fascia.

Students will learn the what and how of fascia including the types, properties of, myths, misconceptions and fascial training principles that influence healthy movement.

Students will learn, utilize and integrate the seven categories of myofascial meridians described by Thomas Myers in all the mat and equipment sequences that are provided.

Come learn life changing protocol for self and client that will create tissue hydration and glide, develop tissue crimp and elastic recoil as well as stimulate the renewal and resilience of the fascial web.


  • Detailed information and analysis of the what and how of fascia.
  • A detailed look at Thomas Myers seven categories of myofascial meridians and how that informs what we do in the Pilates studio.
  • Highlighting how fascia focused work and awareness create somatic strength and lead us to embodiment.
  • Learn how to create structural balance through Pilates fascial aware movement and release.
  • Learn verbal and tactile cues to reinforce the Pilates fascial aware movement and release.