Striding Ahead

“Gait-way” to an Optimal Functioning Body

by Marie José Blom

Includes 16 PMA CECs


This interdisciplinary program is designed to upgrade the knowledge and practical application in the field of movement education. This workshop will include lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on lab work. Participants will receive a certificate of completion as well as a certificate of continuing education from the PMA (16 CECs) will be issued.

The objective is to introduce a systematic and logical approach to deconstruct and thereby thoroughly understand the synergy and relationship between the biomechanics of the foot, the sacrum, the pelvic floor, and the respiratory system. Armed with this deeper knowing we will be better equipped to deliver a well integrated whole body protocol introduced in the order of dynamic synergy. This to effectively improve or restore the key movement and staple of total wellness which is walking.

Walking, gait, striding, and ambulation are all words that describe the act of upright forward progression against gravity.


FeetReinforced by gravity this posture in motion called walking, provides the whole body with the most synergistic and complete movement.

Performed well, this very efficient and complex coordination of locomotion may therefore be the most therapeutic as well as restorative activity one can undertake. This comes down to a complete wellness model, one that requires no special equipment, no gear, only your own body and commitment to move.

By learning to understand this inter-related labyrinth in human motion this newly acquired knowledge we now have become a tool to restore the communicating pathways that via the fascial and neuromuscular system will provide ease and buoyancy in the fundamental movement we all share in common, the art of walking.
This program is available to Physical Therapists, Dance Educators, Athletic Trainers, Pilates and Gyrotonic® Instructors, and others by request.


Pre-Program Application & Info/Movement Session

  • Includes a 2 hour livestream application review, info, and movement session with Jennifer
  • We will send you an application/questionnaire link after registration
  • We will contact you to schedule upon receipt of your application/questionnaire


Livestream /
Details Price Qty
Application & Info/Movement Session $200.00 (USD)  


Students who want to attend in person but can’t come until the weekend are welcome to take the first day(s) livestream and then join in person.

Thursday, May 23, 2024: 3:00PM until 7:00PM Eastern Time
Friday, May 24, 2024: 1:00PM until 7:00PM Eastern Time
Saturday, May 25, 2024: 1:00PM until 7:00PM Eastern Time
Sunday, May 26, 2024: 1:00PM until 7:00PM Eastern Time

CECs:     PMA 21

Early Bird: $650.00 (ends May 1, 2024)
Standard: $750.00
Late Registration Fee: $50 (starts May 9)


  • Manual PDF (print version available at extra cost)
  • Online access to a comprehensive manual that includes video exercise samples
  • Online access to slideshows and articles
  • Online access to 2 pro DVDs

• Late Registration Fee of $50.00 starts two weeks prior – REGISTER NOW!
• There are no meal breaks. Feel free to have water & snacks on hand.
• Dress for movement

Asheville & Livestream /
120 Coxe Avenue, Suite 1B, Asheville & Online, 28803
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Early Bird $650.00 (USD)  
Standard $750.00 (USD)   Starting
May 2, 2024
Late Registration $800.00 (USD)   Starting
May 9, 2024


Friday, November 15. 2024: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday, November 16. 2024: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday, November 17. 2024: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


CECs: PMA 18
Early Bird Price!:           $550         ENDS October 15, 2024
Standard:                        $600         10/16/24 – 11/1/24
Late:                                 $650         11/1/24 – 11/15/24

Manual: Please purchase and bring to the course: Trail Guide to the Body. Fusion Students receive a 15% discount on this great book – use code STU15

• Late Registration Fee of $50.00 starts two weeks prior – REGISTER NOW!
• 30 minute  break each day. Feel free to bring water/snacks
• Dress for movement – and please dress in something you don’t mind getting clay on.

Fusion Pilates /
120 Coxe Avenue, Suite 1B, Asheville, North Carolina, 28803, United States
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Early Bird Registration $550.00 (USD)  
Standard Registration $600.00 (USD)   Starting
October 15, 2024
Late Registration $650.00 (USD)   Starting
November 1, 2024